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“2023 Future Science Prize” series of events

2023 The Future Science Prize Press Conference

16 Aug, 2023
Conrad Hong Kong | Chatham Room

Eight Scientists Honoured with 2023 Future Science Prize

Award Ceremony to be held at the Hong Kong Palace Museum this October

The 2023 Future Science Prize (“The Prize”) announced this year’s laureates at a press conference today. A total of eight scientists have been recognised for their extraordinary and sustained contributions in the fields of Life Science, Physical Science, and Mathematics and Computer Science. The laureates for the Life Science Prize are Jijie CHAI and Jian-Min ZHOU, and the laureates for the Physical Science Prize are Zhongxian ZHAO and Xianhui CHEN. The Mathematics and Computer Science Prize has been awarded to Kaiming HE, Jian SUN, Shaoqing REN and Xiangyu ZHANG.


The Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry of the HKSAR Government, Professor SUN Dong, attended the press conference and delivered a speech in support of the Prize. Professor SUN expressed his gratitude for the Award Ceremony and the Future Science Prize Week (the “Prize Week”) to be organised in Hong Kong this year, which will bring together top scientists from around the world for an event that will promote international exchange and increase the recognition of China’s scientific achievements and development. He stressed that Hong Kong’s I&T ecosystem is becoming increasingly prosperous and its scientific achievements are highly recognised worldwide. The government will continue to strive for the city to become an international innovative technology hub.


Mr. Kun-Liang GUAN, Chairman of the 2023 Science Committee of the Future Science Prize, said at the press conference that the Prize brings positive impacts to the scientific community and societies now give more recognitions to scientists and their original basic research.


The Prize Week will be held in Hong Kong this October. This special programme is jointly organised by the Future Science Awards Foundation, the founding organisation of the Prize, and the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences.


Professor Dennis Yuk-Ming LO, Co-Chairman of the Program Committee of the 2023 Future Science Prize Week and President of the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences, said that the Prize is an encouragement to scientists in the Greater China region who have contributed to the development of human society. Through the Prize, the global community will have a better understanding of the scientific development in Greater China region and its impact on the world. This year, the activities related to the Prize (the Prize Week) have been extended from Beijing to Hong Kong, signifying the impact created by the joint efforts of scientific forces from different regions, as Hong Kong is an international city in Asia that can further develop the rich scientific resources both at home and abroad. Following today’s result announcement, the Prize Award Ceremony will be held at the Hong Kong Palace Museum on 17 October, which will be a fabulous collision of science and culture. Professor Lo has expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government for its continuous support.


Professor Vivian Wing-Wah YAM, Member of the Program Committee of the 2023 Future Science Prize Week and Founding Member of the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences, introduced the highlights of the Prize Week. The main event will be the Science Symposium on 14 to 15 October. The orgainser has invited more than 20 distinguished speakers, including Nobel laureates in Chemistry, Gregory Winter and Michael Levitt; Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences awardee Shankar Balasubramanian; fellows of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences, to exchange ideas on cutting-edge scientific research and related topics. It is undoubtedly a valuable opportunity for local young researchers to broaden their scientific horizons and be inspired.


Ms Nisa LEUNG, Council Member of the Future Forum, said that the younger generation is one of the important target audiences of the Future Science Prize Week. She hopes that enthusiasm in science would be nurtured among the young audience through the richly-packed science-themed activities.


The Prize Week to be held in Hong Kong has received tremendous support from various sectors of society, with relevant representatives attending the press conference to show their unwavering support.  


Mr. Tsz Shu LI, Executive Director of the Tencent Foundation, said that basic scientific research is the foundation and driving force of innovation. Tencent Holdings and Tencent Foundation are committed to promoting scientific development and nurturing talents, creating an environment for those who are passionate about science to devote themselves to research, and providing quality services for scientists.


Ms. Isabella WONG, Associate Vice-President (China Affairs), The University of Hong Kong, said, “As a university committed to promoting scientific research and nurturing future scientists, we not only foster a favourable academic environment and provide opportunities for the younger generation, but also have the responsibility to lay a solid foundation for their future development and show them different paths.” She said that she believes the Prize Week has the same purpose.  


Mr. Shaofeng ZHANG, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Bairong Inc Co., Ltd said, “By supporting relevant non-governmental projects, we want to participate in the process of scientific advancement. The Prize has accompanied and witnessed many scientists become shining stars in different fields, guiding them to combine scientific achievements with industrial applications.”


The Prize Week of this year in Hong Kong will feature a series of science-themed and public education events, including the Science Symposium, which will bring together Nobel laureates and top scientists to exchange ideas on cutting-edge scientific topics, and the prize presentation ceremony, which will be held at the Hong Kong Palace Museum. This will create a global platform for scientific exchange, foster a scientific atmosphere, and stimulate Hong Kong's scientific and I&T development. The events of the Prize Week will be live-streamed on the official website of the Prize Week and the social media platforms of the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences.

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